World of Tanks Blitz

A game of fun & frustration

I discovered World of Tanks Blitz (WoTB) a year ago. One within the myriad of Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games. In that year I have thoroughly enjoyed the game; additionally at times I had to walk away due to sheer frustration. I play most days and experience joy, to rage, to plain laughing my butt off at the silliness that occurs.

If I can help any new player be better, I would say this as my advice: go to YouTube and learn to side-scrape, hull down and understand camouflage.

Hot Tip: whilst at YouTube, whatever the tank you are driving, watch a video review on that tank by several experts and players alike to grasp that tanks specific strengths and weaknesses.

Tanks are not created equal

The below image is the premium Tank Destroyer (TD), WZ-120-1G FT. Many tank destroyers are played at distance, delivering large damage from an otherwise vulnerable tank. The WZ-120 is anything but vulnerable, and can be played from a distance or the front line, as its front sloped armour is troll for bouncing shots, whilst being nimble to move. Weak in the sides and rear, strong in the front. The Foch is similar when played correctly. Not all TD’s are passive, as some can be played aggressively.

Understanding the tank you play will help improve your damage, and your team participation towards winning. Another example, the French heavy AMX auto-loaders are anything but heavy in the sense of armour. Heavy damage? Yes. Armour? No. Every enemy tank will penetrate and do damage. This heavy tank (heavium – part heavy, part medium) is not frontline, instead played best like a medium, from flanks and distance to annoy, yet deliver devastating damage. Nimble, no armour, good firepower.

Don’t get sucked into a stereotype and be pressured by other players to play a tank at its weakest. Chances are, they are horrible players OR have not played the tank to understand its strengths. When a team play to using their tanks strengths, the ending is usually a win.

Premium tanks are not better

Many new players enter WoTB with a belief that premium tanks are stronger. Premium tanks are weaker than the free tech tree versions because they are enriched to earn more credits and combat XP, two currencies needed to advance with tech tree tanks.

New players limit themselves when buying premium tanks without understanding how to play the game, are then killed quickly, and possibly losing credits even within a premium tank. Flawed logic in thinking premium is better. Nope!

Premium account helps

If you’re hesitant to spend money in buying tanks, let me just say — you are going to traverse the free tech tree with great difficulty without a premium account. Premium account gives you 50% combat XP and credits for each battle, both of which are needed the most. If you aren’t into spending money to collect premium tanks, premium time is still essential.

Learn to play the game first. Baby steps. Then invest dollars.

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