I don’t think I can express enough, just how disappointed I am with the latest addition to the millennium series.┬áDavid Lagercrantz did an amazing job with his first incarnation to the continuance of the popular Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, writing The Girl in the Spiders Web. When I read years ago that he was taking over to continue the series from the deceased Stieg Larsson, I knew he had some big boots to fill. Nailed it with the first. Big belly flop (failure) with the second.

Slow is an understatement in this plot. Ok… what plot? Lagercrantz took an adrenaline thrilling action series of mystery and intrigue to nothing more than a soapy type drama, at best.

It reminded me of watching evening TV soapy drama. Slow. Boring. Predicable.

As a huge fan of the series, and who I thought after his first attempt would be an amazing writer for this series — I’m done. The original three are still the best. The fourth was exciting. The fifth — you’re wasting your money buying it.

Huge fail.