Anyone who knows me from my main site,, may be wondering why I’m talking PTSD / CPTSD here, on a personal blog, instead of there, the largest PTSD community in the world.

Well… that last part is part of the reason. MyPTSD has grown so large, I honestly feel it’s gotten away from my original purpose — to bring people together and help one another beat PTSD and live a better life. Most members have little true knowledge of the science behind PTSD, the science and technique behind therapy types. Its basically an overwhelming demand nowadays that is impossible to meet.

Some of the more challenging members, I honestly appreciate the most. I applaud those that are willing to give advice based on what is presented. Based on education, experience and broad knowledge, add common-sense for the best outcome. I don’t mean people who just challenge things for the sake of it, I mean those who can read a post, then aren’t afraid to challenge the poster based on that education. Yes, those just being difficult for the sake of it don’t last long. I have admiration for those few members who take the time to educate others and challenge skewed logic.

Another part, I’m tired of listening to those who just want the easy answer. The easy solution. Wave your magic wand and get me from point A to point B, and do it now. Oh, and while you’re at it, make all my pain and torment disappear. It takes hard work, effort, dedication, determination, to implement real and impactful change within your life. It is harder to heal than it often is to endure the trauma itself — and that’s saying something due to the horrific trauma that occurs to cause PTSD.

Then the whiners, trolls, politically correct and so on. Argh. I love a good opinion. I don’t like it when that opinion is consistently tossed around and used as though fact. I don’t care if you think everyone should be diagnosed with PTSD regardless the type of trauma. When experts change a diagnosis to reflect that logic, then that will be fact. Otherwise, shut the f*ck up and grab onto the reality of, now.

There are a whole bunch of things that piss me off about it nowadays. I will just leave it at that. So here I am. A blog, where I control the content and can moderate the noise. No more freedom of speech bullshit from self-entitled people. Here, noise will simply never see the light of day.

I figure its easier to just get on with things this way, my way, not having to answer to anyone else. I like it so much better already. 🙂

Stress less.