Being mid forties, I remember when we didn’t have the Internet. We didn’t have mobile phones. We weren’t all stressed so much due to an overload of information and accessibility. The Internet broke at home. More specifically, the router had issues for four days, intermittent problems, and then crashed badly yesterday.

My wife was having a meltdown of epic proportion for her home office.

Two opposite spectrums we are. She uses it for social and work, I just despise it, but certainly use it. Hell, I’m posting this aren’t I? This is more a tool to get things off my chest, out of my head and into the nether region of cyberspace which nobody really understands. Pretty sure nobody really understands the cloud.

So with my wife in total meltdown mode, off course my life then must shift into crisis mode. The problem is, I’m supposed to care, but I totally love when the Internet stops. I like being alone. I like not having to bother about what anyone else is doing. My wife, obviously the exception. I like disconnecting from the 24/7 on button that our lives seem to be nowadays.

After becoming literally so stressed about all this due to my wife and her pressuring me, taking out her frustration and such around me, obviously I become involved and some how have to fix the problem. So off I went to the shops last night to buy a new router, as the conclusion was our current one was now broken. Two hours of tech support dicking me around to come to that outcome.

A little laugh though, was that I did tear the guy a new arsehole when he stated that we must signup for another six months in order for them to replace their router. Wait… they supply a router so we get their service that we already pay for? And you want me to commit to six months with you because your equipment broke? WTF? I told them to fuckoff.

They’re sending a new router anyway, without strings attached. Funny that. Pay for a service, you kind of want that service to work without bullshit negotiations to the side, especially being a long time customer already.

Went and got a better router than the cheap shit they provide, and what will be in the mail. Another phone call to tech support this morning to get some stuff undone that the guy screwed with last night, and viola. Working internet once again. Well… that and the nice lady this morning was a bit more on the ball I think, and discovered there was also an account issue with the password. It was trying to use two, thus failing. Their system failed during a password update helping along the problem with drop-outs.

Damn! Happy wife — I wish it would break permanently.