World of Tanks (WOT) has been around for years. I only recently found it. I know, I know. Go figure! I play under Parso1971. Immediately addicted to WOT, I wanted to share some learning curves for others to hopefully avoid early game wastage and frustration.

Let me preface — I’m no expert — I’m learning daily — just two months into the game.

  1. Watch just 3 tutorial videos to improve your game.
  2. Play first, worry about noise later.
  3. Play to win.
  4. Ignore the trolls.
  5. Aiming.
  6. Currencies.
  7. Premium.
  8. Premium tanks.
  9. Watch youtube videos.

Watch Tutorial Videos

Learn from the pro’s. That simple. Bushka is a high level player on the Asian server. He has excellent tutorials that will immediately enhance your game experience, and win rate. Winning / killing other tanks, makes playing more fun, thus you want to learn and play more. Not uninstall because its all too hard. Watch the 3 basics (hull down, side scraping / effective armour & camouflage).

Take 5 minutes with every new tank to learn its armour profile. Google “WOT armour profiles” to find online and apps. When you know your tanks weak points, you know which technique/s apply for your tank played.

Play First

It’s easy to become obsessed with the noise that is everything but game play. Your game outcome will not come from your settings, camouflage, provisions or other factor, but your learnt experience of playing specific vehicle types and implementing tank basics.

Play To Win

I’m guilty of this, and by around 2000 games I’m starting to lose the “play for fun” attitude and adopting a “play to improve” attitude. Playing to win simply means that you’re more serious about defeating whatever enemy lay in front of you. Yes, you are going to lose too. The rewards outcome is vastly higher when you play to win vs. play for fun only, not caring about your overall performance. Experience makes you better, but attitude matters.

Ignore The Trolls

Learn to block others. There are people of all ages online, and some don’t know how to regulate their emotions towards what they say to others. Noob, Nub, F U, uninstall, and other such rude comments are often used by these people, your play confuses them because it’s not their play, and well… those who are just trolls by nature and direct their frustration upon others. Report anyone who bullies or trolls you. Wargaming Network are very quick to action players who swear, abuse, intimidate or other nonsense. If you don’t report them, they won’t learn themselves.

From within the News > Notifications area, you can access all past game results. At the end of a game you can see that games results. Click the player, click to message them, then drop down the menu from their name at the top to block.


Sniper mode is not your go-to aiming mode. You have to look at the tier being played, the type of tank you’re shooting at, and well, experience. Sniper mode allows you to target your shots to weak spots. Sniper mode has little place in brawling. When the reticle is green, it means good to shoot that spot. Try to hit flat spots of the tank – that simple. Angles are likely to bounce / they won’t penetrate (watch recommended video).


There are five currencies you require to improve tanks and play. Understanding each and their use can help you not waste them initially. Really think about where you use them. Saving things is usually best for anyone under 1000 games.

  1. Gold
  2. Credits
  3. Free Experience
  4. Combat Experience
  5. Premium Experience

Gold can be won in tournaments if you hang around to that level. Think a year. Otherwise, you have to buy it.

Credits are the primary currency for most aspects. You earn credits by playing the game. The higher tier you play, the more credits you earn based on your game score.

Free experience is global and earned every game. 5% of your combat experience is converted to free experience. You can supplement tank upgrades and purchases with free experience. In other words, you can earn your combat experience from play, yet you can upgrade your tank entirely from free experience if you have enough / complement combat experience. Buy a new tank, fully upgrade it with zero play time. Makes sense, right?

Combat experience is earned from playing your tank, and is tank specific. Earn enough combat experience to upgrade tiers and improve your tank.

Premium experience is earned on premium tanks. Premium experience can help you accelerate crew skills, by itself or combined with credits or gold. You can also convert premium experience to free experience using gold. Not really worth it IMHO, but each to their own.


If you like the game and are going to stick with it, I recommend you fork out the cash for the gold needed to purchase premium membership. Everything is upgraded by 50% per game outcome. Your experience, your credits. Win win. You get where you want to get, faster, which is tier 8 and above. That is where you earn quickly if you learnt the basics. You will improve your game at that level.

Premium Tanks

Premium tanks earn higher credits and experience than normal tanks. Combine this with premium membership, just amazing outcomes. Premium tanks are better than other tanks of the same tier type. I wouldn’t personally waste your money or time with premium tanks below tier 7, as that’s not the level you want to play at for the good gaming and earnings. Each to their own though, right?

Watch YouTube Videos

We all have mobiles and such nowadays. Watch expert gameplay on YouTube and such. Learn from them. Try and add just one skill to your gameplay at a time, perfecting it, then the next. I took my games from 400 average to 1000 average damage points just from implementing some basics learnt on YouTube. On the first day of applying some basic skills, I had my first 3000+ points damage game in a tier 7 tank. I’m regularly, just a week later, achieving 1000+ with the occasional 2000+ damage scores.

It is all about your skill you learn and apply that will create the scores. A better tank will not make an ordinary player better.

I’m now daily watch expert videos online to learn from their gameplay. I’m not trying to be an expert, nor do I want to commit the time they do. I just want to play better to enjoy the game more. We play to win, because winning does bring some satisfaction to it. I play for enjoyment — winning is just a part of that outcome. I can’t say I continue to play a game if I can’t win regularly. Can you?

When I first got this premium tank, my average was 400 combat XP. Watching more videos, trying hard to remember and implement within my play, you can see the difference for yourself. I’m starting to average the 1000+ mark the majority of games now. Onwards and upwards.

Make the most of any bonus play. See the difference between above, more damage, and below, less damage, yet more credits and combat XP as a result.